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Eco Motion Solutions is no longer able to order product from LYRIC MOTION PTV Global:

We still have one (1) demo and one (1) previously enjoyed PTVs available for sale at a very attractive price. Two (2) PTVs are RUN3Rx with a stiff suspension 

  • These demo unit has very little milage on it.  
  • It was primarily used at trade shows and for evaluations.
  • It is being sold with no manufacturer's warranty, but will come with a two (2) year or 700 charges warranty on the new e-Bikeboard battery.


LYRIC Demos and "Previously Enjoyed", LYRICs will be upgraded to have the new e-Bikeboard battery kit installed. You will no longer have to worry about purchasing the LYRIC PTV and then later having to replace the batteries.

The LYRIC RUN3RX with the new e-Bikeboard battery kit on it would be good for someone with a disability who wants to purchase an e-Bikeboard Freeliner model but can't afford to.

Original LYRIC PTV      LYRIC PTVs with e-Bikeboard Upgrade Battery Kits to save investment in LYRICs

                                   Lyric RUN3Rx

Existing LYRIC Motion PTV Owners!!!

At Eco Motion Solutions we hate to see you have a LYRIC MOTION PTV you can no longer use, because the batteries are no longer functioning.

Working together with e-Bikeboard, Eco Motion Solutions is able to provide either a one (1) battery or (2) battery upgrade kit seen in the picture below, which will keep your investment performing:

Battery Kit

The same batteries which are powering the new e-Bikeboard can be retrofitted to work with the LYRIC Motion PTV.

These batteries are stronger and the life cycle of the battery is much longer than the batteries that were shipped with the LYRIC PTV's.

Please be aware one (1) of these new batteries will supply you with the same distance the two (2) LYRIC Batteries did.

One (1) battery will supply up to 35 Kilometers / 22 Miles.

Battery Kit Includes

  • Two (2) new battery holders and related mounting hardware
  • One (1) or Two (2) Batteries with new Key Locks
  • Battery Strap
  • Rapid Charger
  • Installation Manual.


Battery Kit -1 which includes one (1) Battery and (1) Fake Battery: - $1,198      Purchase Price $ 1, 018.

Battery Kit -2 which includes two (2) Batteries:                                 - $1,998      Purchase Price $ 1, 689.

Warranty on the e-Bikeboard batteries is two (2) years or 700 charges. The batteries are manufactured by Samsung, one of the best manufacturers of batteries.

e-Bikeboard/Lyric Videos

Just an FYI:

The e-Bikeboard name was changed to LYRIC when LYRIC Motion PTV Global became the North American distributor of the offering. Earlier versions of the LYRIC PTVs were e-Bikeboards with the LYRIC name on them.