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Dragana Upgrades:

From original LYRIC Motion PTV to an

e-Bikeboard Freeliner model

Received January, 2017 

With the Freeliner I got the "BEST" eco-scooter I could imagine - durable, adjustable, portable, supportive, attractive, versatile, adventurous ... and absolutely the best purchase of a device for helping me with my disability, I have ever made.  



Independence, MO, USA

Received May, 2016

Hi Eco Motion Solutions Team:

Just wanted to say hi and quick update on the Freeliner.

We had our first real experience with Freeliner this past week when we went camping.

Wife and I are very pleased with scooter. It has met our expectations in every way.

My wife is very comfortable with the scooter.

There will be no more leaving her at the campsite while I wander off - She will be leaving me in the dust.

I have a cargo carrier on the rear of our motorhome and with just a little modification it fits prefect.

I have a heavy duty water proof cargo bag that covers the scooter and I then lock it on the carrier.

This scooter is going to allow her so many more opportunities as we travel. I am very pleased.

 Thanks again for your patience and help with the Freeliner.


Ontario, OR, USA

Received April, 2016

To the Eco Motion Solutions Team.  

Everyone loves the Freeliner.  Shirley's 30 year old grandsons have been on it and think it's great.  Sue rides it to take the shih tzus Kissi and Bear for a walk about.  Women at the bank and library love it and want one. Josie's 14 year old grandson rode it and thought it was great. He got my recumbent tricycle.

Sue stood on the back pod while I rode it around the complex.  It's a blast!

I was thinking of the big basket you have on the back of yours.  I was wondering if it would hold 2 cockers and at least 70#. If not, I'm going to have to put 20 inch tires on the cart to raise it up.  The hitch is fine it's just that the tires on the cart are 16 inch.  The cart is from Allen Sport.  It's for hauling a couple children around.  I haul groceries, 50# bags of bird seed and my dogs around in it.  

Happy day!

Jeff S.
Castro Valley, California, USA
Jeff S.

Jeff's e-Bikeboard

Received November, 2015

This is my second e-Bikeboard.

I put 5,000+ miles on my first one and wore it out. It was great vehicle and I was very happy with my purchase. 

I recently bought my second e-Bikeboard from Eco Motion Solutions.

The improvements from the first model are great.The frame is even sturdier and the increased range of travel is wonderful.

I'm a handicapped person and have never qualified for a drivers license.

After a lifetime of walking and pedaling a bike, I really enjoy the e-Bikeboard. It's a great vehicle for getting around town.

I still use my bikes but the e-Bikeboard is good for getting from point A to point B without the sweat and energy required by bicycling.

Sean R.
Toronto, ON, Canada

Received December, 2014

Owning an e-Bikeboard has changed the way I get around the city.  I use it to easily navigate through traffic on my daily commutes and quickly run errands all over.  It's been such a great mode of transportation that my wife and I were able to get rid of our second car. We now are saving a fortune on gas, insurance and parking.

 Driving my bike-board is not only economical, but it's also a lot of fun. On weekends I can pack it away in the trunk of our small sedan and take it up north to ride off road on a bike path. Cruising silently through the paths helps me relax and enjoy the scenery with out polluting the environment.

It's been such a blast riding on the bike-board that I'm looking forward to surprising my wife with an e-Bikeboard of her own this spring, so I can share the experience with her.


Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Received October, 2014

This is to thank the Eco Motion Solutions team for the wonderful experience purchasing your product, and to let you know I am greatly enjoying my e-Bikeboard - LYRIC Personal Transportation Vehicle (e-PTV).

It was really outstanding experience how both of you worked with me to make sure you addressed all my needs, starting from the right version of the e-Bikeboard - LYRIC Personal Transportation Vehicle (e-PTV), to repositioning and adjusting parts so it fits me perfectly, to making sure I get a red colored detail J.

 I had initially contacted you and informed you of my mobility needs and what I had been looking for. At that time I had looked at the Segway being modified to address my requirement of portability; however its size/weight and overall design was not suitable for me. One of the selling features of the e-Bikeboard - LYRIC Personal Transportation Vehicle (e-PTV) was its size/weight and ability to fold up nice and compact for me to take it in my car. Also the fact that it can be quickly changed and adjusted for various needs, the removable long lasting batteries, reasonable price, etc….the list is endless.