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The Freeliner is suitable for people with and without a physical disability who want to be mobile and take an active part in life. Even with restricted movement and or a balance disorder, travelling is comfortable.  

Due to a part time tilt speed limiter to 6 km/h - 3.7 mph, the Freeliner is usable in pedestrian zones and shopping areas, subject to having a disability pass.

The Freeliner  is a true Folding Mobility Scooter providing much more functionality than a typical Disability Scooter or even a Handicap Scooter.  

The Freeliner due to its speed limitations is also being well received in the Warehousing/Distribution centers within North America.

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The electrically-driven three-wheeled bike boards are pioneers of the new class PTV (Personal Transportation Vehicle) and make a completely new synthesis of fun, environmental friendliness, economy and security.

The e-Bikeboard concept is unique:

The vehicles are consistently modular - the base forms a stable aluminum frame with a payload up to 150 kg (330.7lbs) which ensures with its folding mechanism, it can be easily and compactly transported and stored (folded size approx 67 * 63 * 75 cm - 26 * 24 * 29.5 inches). The modular design of the components in combination with an extensive range of accessories allows an extremely wide range of applications.

Diversify: Performance / Speed / handlebar height / rim diameter / body roll / brace height / Transport Accessories

The carving suspension: - a completely new driving experience

It is new and unique - the vehicle is well set, safe and quiet on the street - one glides over the asphalt, so to speak - and that too almost silently. It is difficult to describe -at best, find out the specific difference in a personal test drive.

The suspension: aluminum central front suspension fork and patented carving swing axle system rear with monoshock and 2 Suspension Springs with replaceable elastomer dampers for presetting the rollover tendency - and rigidly fixed medium (Orange), hard (red) - the average damping is standard.

The safety & reliability

Very stable and stable cornering - 3 wheels in combination with the patented pendulum rear axle combine safety with incredible agility and cornering fun.

3 disc brakes - Rear delayed a hydraulic double disc brake very confident, forward a mechanical disc brake. During braking, in addition, the drive is switched off. Leaving the car, the parking brake unintentional taxiing and the closing mechanism prevents unwanted use. The batteries can be connected via an integrated lock secured to the vehicle.

The electric drive

Highly efficient, virtually noiseless and maintenance-free: The brushless hub motor located unobtrusively in the front. The high-tech lithium-ion batteries are elegantly integrated with a closable, specially developed, quick-change system in a safe and elegant housing in the outer line of the e-bikeboards. The range of up to 70 km is dependent on the driving conditions such as slope, rider weight, and speed. The battery charging status is displayed on a LCD display. The recharging can also be carried via intermediate loads either on the vehicle or in their own home at a 230/110 volt outlet. If there is insufficient coverage for extreme trips, two additional batteries can be carried as a Range Extender easily. About a throttle acceleration is controlled. An optional cruise control makes for stress-free driving at a constant speed over longer distances.

The Freeliner comes standard with a low platform suitable for all uses. The Freeliner ships with the standard one battery and is therefore an economical entry into the e-BikeBoard world. Options such as Extra Battery and other accessories are possible for purchase later any time.

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